Create Killer Courses with These Must Have Moodle Plugins

If you’re using Moodle, you’re probably aware of the endless customisations it allows. Thanks to some amazing plugins and features, you can customise your online courses to your exact needs and specifications creating a site that not only performs well but also looks good.

So to save you from weeks of trial and error, we’ve decided to share our favourite Moodle plugins – personally handpicked for you to be able to create killer courses!

Create Killer Moodle Courses

Advanced Forums Plugin

This nifty plugin boosts students’ interaction and engagement by creating a similar look and feel to any website forum out there. It’s responsive, too, allowing you to post from any mobile device.

Advanced Forum Example


What’s an online course without attendees, right? This little plugin is everything you need to keep track of your students’ attendance, which includes labels for present, absent, late, and excused students.

Attendance Plugins

Custom Certificate

Allows you to easily create customisable and printable PDF certificates for students who have passed and graduated from your courses.

Custom Certificate Plugin

Collapsed Topics

No more endless scrolling! This useful plugin improves the overall user experience for you and your students as it collapses sections to single-section headings. Each heading has a toggle option, which allows you to view the contents within that section or heading.

Collapsed Topics Plugin

Completion Progress Block

This time management plugin tracks students’ progress and activities that are yet to be completed. At a glance, you can easily identify students who are falling behind.

Completion Progress Block Plugin

Course Contacts Block

A handy plugin that promotes interactivity between learners as it displays all the users of the course, as well as their activity status. Users can contact each other via email, messaging, or telephone.

Course Contacts Plugin


In online courses where communication and interaction are important, this plugin should never be missed as this allows you and a student to have a two-way dialogue with each other.

Dialogue Plugins


This plugin adds more fun and excitement to your online course by incorporating gamification into your lessons. Create questions and quizzes using well known games such as hangman, crossword, Snakes and Ladders, millionaire and much more.

Game Plugin

Grid Format

Sometimes, looking through a long list of topics can be a bore. This plugin displays your topics into a grid of icons with short titles, instantly giving your course better visual appeal.

Grid Plugin

Interactive Content – H5P

This cool plugin allows you to add rich content to your course. Think interactive slides, videos, collages, timelines, flashcards, and much more!

H5P Plugins


This built-in Moodle feature is a must have. It comes in pretty handy in breaking up the content in your course area. Use Labels to add lines, instructions, text, images, and clickable links.

Label Plugin


In some cases, it is easier to explain something, rather than write it down. The Pcast plugin allows you to create and add podcasts to your courses. Students can also create and add podcasts, making your course more interactive.

Pcast Plugin

Restriction by Course Completion

This plugin is a must-have for all your courses in Moodle LMS wherein access to certain sections or modules are restricted until a course is completed. This plugin also hides quizzes and exams when a course is completed.

Restriction by course completion

Socialwall Format

Everybody uses social websites now and this plugin turns any Moodle course into a social learning platform. It includes a timeline of posts, filtering of posts by dates, as well as an integration with Moodle’s activities and resources.

Social Wall Plugin

OAuth2 Authentication Plugin

Manual enrollment can be bothersome. This nifty plugin allows users to create and login to a Moodle account using their various social accounts like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, WindowsLive.

OAuth2 Authentication Plugins

So there you have it – our favourite Moodle plugins that will help you create killer courses! If there are awesome plugins that we missed, let us know by leaving a comment below.

We’ll be back next week for more Moodle tips and tricks, see you then!

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