Tips to help you get the best out of Moodle

What’s New in Moodle 3.4?

While the previous Moodle versions already boast endless customisation features, Moodle 3.4’s major upgrade focuses on usability. This makes the newest release more powerful and accessible than its previous versions. With Moodle 3.4 in full swing, let’s take a look at the major improvements. Calendar Improvements Thanks to the Moodle Users Association (MUA) project, the […]

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Create Killer Courses with These Must Have Moodle Plugins

If you’re using Moodle, you’re probably aware of the endless customisations it allows. Thanks to some amazing plugins and features, you can customise your online courses to your exact needs and specifications creating a site that not only performs well but also looks good. So to save you from weeks of trial and error, we’ve […]

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Why Your Online Course Needs to be Mobile Friendly

Welcome back to another weekly blog post on all things Moodle. We have covered the must-have plugins for your Moodle site and how they can improve the content and learning experience of your course. Within that post, we touched on themes and how the effective use of space and appearance are key to a well-rounded […]

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The Most Popular Moodle Plugins of 2017

Welcome back! In recent weeks we’ve gone through everything from installing Moodle, to common mistakes and post installation tips. This time, we’ll be taking you through the most popular Moodle plugins of the year so far. What’s a plugin I hear you ask? Well, in short, they can be described as added extras to your […]

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Four Common Moodle Mistakes to Avoid

One of Moodle’s biggest selling points is it’s ease of use. After our help with the installation and helping hand to kick-start your use of Moodle with our top five tips, you should be well on your way to enjoying your new LMS platform. However, despite all of the positives laid out in this blog […]

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Five Tips for Better Moodle Course Design

Once you’ve followed our curated guide to installing Moodle, you may find yourself wondering what to do next. Well, you’re in luck! This post will detail the top activities to take on once your installation is complete. From setting up lessons and creating assessments to sharing learning materials, this article will cover both the big […]

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Why Moodle is the best LMS for your college

While traditional classrooms are still popular, e-learning is becoming a booming business, worth billions of dollars. The beauty of online learning is that it offers colleges and universities local and international reach while giving the student great flexibility and accessibility. For an e-learning course to be successful however, colleges must be able to organise their online […]

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How to install your Moodle LMS in thirteen easy steps

Considering the substantial benefits that the Moodle LMS offers, it’s not surprising that you’ve sat down to read this short blog post, detailing how you can install the Moodle LMS on your computer, and begin selling online courses. This post will walk you through all the necessary steps to install Moodle LMS, all the way from […]

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